OSx: MAC Profile in SkyDrive

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I have been meaning to write this blog post for sometime. Ever since SkyDrive launched I have been using it as a backup to my Macbook profile. How you may ask? Well below I am going to show you how to redirect say your Mac Documents to a Documents folder in your SkyDrive and have the Mac behave like before. The benefit of this is that you can continue to use your Mac as you normally would but with the added benefit that should you loose or rebuild your Mac that the data is already up in SkyDrive. Now before we go any further, its worth making a point that you must have a backup of any files or folders in your profile that you want to move to SkyDrive. As you are going to see, we are going to be deleting some folders.

For the purpose of this post. I have a 256 GB solid state drive which I have partitioned so that I have the Mac OS on one partition and my Mac profile and other stuff along the way on the second partition. Also you are going to need to change the path names to match your own setup but I hope you get the idea.

So as you can see this is a standard Mac profile and I have already downloaded and installed SkyDrive which is fully synchronised

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 13.14.16

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Apple: Mountain Lion Facts

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Hi Guys, WallaceTech here.

I really love this. Here are some great facts about Mountain Lion 🙂